About SafeTech Kids NC

We are "SafeTech" parents, grandparents, health care professionals, child advocates, and educators who believe that all people have the right to know about the health effects of the wireless devices that we use every day. We volunteer our time and talents to assure that parents, school administrators and public officials are informed about how children are particularly vulnerable to microwave radiation, and how we can protect them.
Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, is the founder and director of SafeTech Kids NC, prompted by her hope that her son might have a safe environmental in which to attend school. She is a registered nurse with many years of experience as a public health educator, coordinating coalitions on health issues affecting children. Mary Anne has studied this complex public health issue since 2011, when she gained first-hand experience with the effects of microwave radiation in her family. She has been mentored on EMFs as a member of the international Collaborative on Health and the Environment’s EMF Working Group.  Mary Anne is also a volunteer with the Environmental Health Trust, which provides cutting-edge research and education on the health effects of wireless radiation and other environmental toxins. Mary Anne lives with her husband and son in Fairview, located in the mountains of western NC.

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